Rubber Diaphragms with Metal Assembly

Metal or Plastic bonded Rubber Diaphragms

Exactseal custom manufactures metal or plastics bonded rubber diaphragms during the multi-operation molding process. This mechanical bonding of rubber diaphragms with metal or plastic archives desired strength at an economical cost and suitable for repeated long cycles.

This rubber to metal or plastic bond strength is achieved through total or partial encapsulation of insert into base rubber material during molding and curing and hence metal or plastic insert becomes a permanent extension of rubber diaphragm creating a strong mechanical interlock.

Exactseal manufactures these metal or plastic bonded diaphragms in various sizes using steel, brass, aluminum, nylon, PU, TPE, etc with Viton, PTFE, EPDM, Hypalon, Silicone, Nitryl, Chloroprene, etc. These diaphragms are typically used in Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Food, and Water processing equipment.

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