Exactseal Rubber specializes in the custom and standard manufacturing of conductive silicone rubber and semi-conductive silicone rubber tubing designed to mitigate static buildup and suit research or experimental applications.

We offer a high-quality, well-established semi-conductive carbon-loaded grade of silicone rubber, widely employed in EMC or static shielding and sealing applications. At Exactseal, we extrude this conductive silicone rubber compound into various forms, including rubber tubing, cords, complex hollow and solid profiles, all tailored to our customers’ requirements. These products are supplied as cut lengths, cut and spliced/vulcanized into O Rings, or square gaskets.

Additionally, we can extrude this compound as sheets, which can be further processed into flat-cut gaskets through either punching or water jet cutting. A new product derived from this base compound is a carbon-loaded semi-conductive silicone rubber sponge, offering improved compression compared to standard 60 shore hardness rubber. For more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.


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