Exactseal offers quality rubber sealing, noise and vibration isolation, and fluid/material transfer solutions designed for industrial use, encompassing an extensive product range that includes rubber grommets, bumpers, tips, appliance feet, diaphragms, extruded rubber profiles and tubing, vibration isolation mounts, as well as molded rubber and dip-molded bellows and boots, and much more.

With our extensive experience in molding and extrusion, we excel at meeting the most stringent specifications and crafting products tailored to your specific application needs. Our inventory includes a wide range of standard sizes, shapes, configurations, and durometers to accommodate the demands of popular applications. Should your application call for a customized component, our skilled team possesses the expertise to manufacture it to your precise requirements. We collaborate closely with each client to guarantee that the resulting part not only meets your application’s demands but also adheres to your exact specifications and quality standards. Timely delivery of installation-ready products is our commitment to you.

Exactseal has established itself as a renowned manufacturer, known for producing high precision rubber components that boast durability and reliability across a wide spectrum of industries. Our dedication to precision and unwavering pursuit of excellence, combined with our deep understanding of the sectors we cater to, guarantee that your molded or extruded rubber component will not only meet but also surpass your expectations.

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