Anti-Vibration Mounting

 Anti-Vibration Mounts and Isolators

Anti-Vibration Mounts or AV Rubber Isolator Mounts provides a unique ability to dampen vibrations, noise, shocks in machinery, factory installations, Engines, Automotive, Railways, Windmills and, Marine vessels.

Exactseal is a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of standard and custom AV Mounts and Isolators made from solid and foam/sponge rubbers to suit our customers’ application requirements. Please call us with details and our experienced engineerings can help you with a design consultation, material selection, prototyping, reverse engineering and, mass production.

We can manufacture these rubber isolators for a wide range of frequency and load range capacity. Furthermore, We have in-house capability of rubber to metal bonding and so can manufacture anti-vibration mounts with metal inserts like studs, nuts, metal bushings, grommets, etc to just name a few.