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At Exactseal, we take pride in our precision manufacturing of high-quality rubber gaskets and standard as well as bespoke seals. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with top-notch materials and diverse product offerings, positions us as a trusted partner for industries with critical sealing requirements.

Our Gaskets and Seals portfolio encompasses a range of products designed to meet the specific needs of various applications. The expertise of Exactseal extends to the manufacturing of Flat Gaskets and flange Gaskets that are precision-cut using advanced techniques like die or CNC knife cutting. These gaskets find applications in diverse industries, ensuring reliable sealing solutions. While one of our focus areas is manufacturing standard and custom Gaskets and Seals, Exactseal offers a comprehensive range of rubber products to meet diverse industry needs.

Exactseal’s commitment to precision manufacturing is evident in our diverse range of specialized gaskets. Our Spliced & Vulcanized Gaskets are meticulously crafted for enhanced durability and resilience, tailored to withstand challenging conditions and ensure long-lasting sealing performance. Designed to meet rigorous industry standards, our Flange Gaskets guarantee leak-free connections in piping systems with their precision-cut design, optimizing sealing in various industrial environments to enhance efficiency and reliability.

Spliced & Vulcanized Gaskets

In the construction and automotive sectors, our specialized Doors & Window Gaskets play a pivotal role by effectively sealing against external elements, thereby enhancing the overall performance and durability of doors and windows. Moreover, our meticulously crafted Manway and Manhole Gaskets offer dependable sealing solutions for tanks and vessels across various industries, including chemical, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, and food processing. This highlights our unwavering commitment to delivering manufacturing excellence and meeting the diverse needs of our customers.

Exactseal also offers a comprehensive range of rubber products to meet diverse industry needs. Custom Rubber Extrusion at Exactseal involves tailoring rubber solutions to unique specifications, covering a wide array of shapes, profiles, and material compositions. We utilize high-quality rubber materials to ensure the durability and performance of our extruded products.

At Exactseal, quality assurance is paramount. Rigorous testing ensures that each Gasket and Seal, along with our other elastomer products, meets or exceeds industry standards. Additionally, we are committed to environmental responsibility, exploring eco-friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing practices to minimize our environmental impact.

Choose Exactseal for precision-engineered Gaskets and Seals that offer reliability, durability, and customization to meet the unique demands of industries globally. Our commitment to quality and sustainability positions us as a trusted partner for manufacturing excellence in the realm of rubber products.

Product Range

  • Die Cut Rubber Gaskets

    Die Cut Gaskets (Flat/CNC Knife Cut)

  • Spliced & Vulcanized Gaskets

    Spliced and Vulcanized Gaskets

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    Door and Window Gaskets

  • Manway & Manhole Gaskets

    Manway and Manhole Gaskets