Neoprene O Ring

Key Features

Water and Weather Resistant
Excellent Chemical Resistance
Good UV Light Resistance
Resistant to Oxidation
Versatile Industrial Applications
Durable in Demanding Conditions
Cost-Effective Elastomer Material

Neoprene O rings, also referred to as chloroprene O rings, stand as indispensable components in sealing applications across a myriad of industries. Crafted from neoprene rubber, a cost-effective elastomer that is both water-resistant and weather resistant. These O rings offer reliable sealing solutions for various environments and conditions. At Exactseal, we provide a comprehensive range of O rings meticulously engineered to meet the sealing needs of our industrial customers.

Versatility of Our O Rings

Neoprene O rings are highly regarded for their versatility and resilience. This makes them indispensable in a wide range of industrial applications. Whether used in automotive, marine, HVAC, or manufacturing processes, chloroprene O rings exhibit excellent resistance to weathering, ozone, and oil. The unique properties of neoprene rubber enable these O rings to maintain their sealing integrity even in harsh environments, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

We design our O-Rings to provide excellent resistance to oxidation and UV light. They’re both water and weather-resistant, making them ideal for a wide range of applications, especially in the refrigeration industry. Thanks to their remarkable resistance to chemicals such as ammonia and a variety of coolants. Therefore, our Neoprene O-Ring is a popular choice among refrigeration professionals.

But the applications of our Neoprene O-rings don’t stop there. Their incredible resistance to hazardous materials makes them a versatile solution across a wide range of sectors. Whether you’re in the automotive industry, the oil and gas sector, or any other industry that requires durable and resistant O-rings, our O-rings are up to the task.

Customized Neoprene O Ring Solutions

Recognizing the diverse requirements of industrial applications, Exactseal offers customized O ring solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers. We understand that every application is unique. That’s why we offer our O-rings in a variety of sizes and specifications. This ensures that you can find the perfect fit for your needs. Whether you require standard sizes or custom dimensions, our team collaborates closely with you to develop O rings that align with your exact specifications. We have years of expertise in material selection and manufacturing techniques. With that, we ensure that our neoprene O rings deliver superior sealing performance, contributing to the efficiency and reliability of your industrial processes. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust that our O-rings will perform reliably. Our O-rings can perform even in the most demanding conditions.

Ensuring a Reliable Seal with Neoprene O Rings

Neoprene O rings are engineered to provide a reliable seal. They are used in a variety of industrial applications, ranging from hydraulic systems and pumps to machinery and equipment. Whether deployed as static seals or dynamic seals, our O rings offer excellent compression set resistance and elasticity, ensuring a tight seal even under fluctuating pressures and temperatures. Our Neoprene or Chloroprene O rings undergo stringent quality control measures to ensure they meet rigorous standards of industrial reliability. This provides you with the confidence to tackle demanding applications with ease.

Why Choose Exactseal?

High-Quality Neoprene Material: Our neoprene or chloroprene O rings are crafted from high-quality neoprene rubber. Which ensures durability and reliability in various industrial environments.

Customization Options: We offer customized neoprene O ring solutions tailored to your specific industrial requirements. This includes standard sizes and also custom dimensions.

Versatile Applications: Our O rings find application across a wide range of industrial sectors, including automotive, marine, HVAC, and manufacturing processes, showcasing their versatility and adaptability.

Expertise: With years of experience in O ring manufacturing, our team possesses the expertise and knowledge to provide the right sealing solution for your industrial application needs. We offer unparalleled customer support and technical assistance for your any need.


ApplicationVarious Industries (e.g., Refrigeration, Automotive, Oil and Gas)
Product NameNeoprene O-Ring
Hardness (Shore A)70 (Typical)
MaterialNeoprene (Chloroprene)
ColourBlack (Typical)


Sealing in Refrigeration Systems
Automotive Fuel and Oil Seals
Industrial Fluid and Gas Sealing
Marine and Water System Seals
Chemical Processing Equipment Seals
HVAC System Component Sealing

Technical Information

MaterialNeoprene (Chloroprene)
Hardness (Shore A)70 (Typical)
Operating Temperature Range-40°C to +120°C
Tensile Strength14.5 MPa
Elongation at Break400%
Compression Set25%
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