Exactseal is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality and FDA compliant rubber products to a multitude of the pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers. We understand needs for efficacy, safety, durability and regulatory compliance for the medical industry and our technical sales team is well versed in advising and assisting our customers as required. Whether it’s in the rubber material selection process or seal, gasket, tubing products design consultation, we are here to help!

We can manufacture most grades and colors of silicone cords, tubes, O rings, and custom shaped rubber extrusions, in compounds that can be FDA approved or in conductive or luminous (these later materials are not covered by FEA approval). Tubing, O-rings, Gaskets and other extrusions, as well as molded components, are an integral part of today’s sophisticated pharmaceutical manufacturers, API manufacturers as well as for medical device manufacturers. Our quality systems will ensure that the challenge of consistency, safety, and durability in existing and new formulations of high-performance silicone and other rubber compounds based products will always be achieved at Exactseal.

As your strategic partner, we bring to bear you with years of experience, state of the art technology and the desire to assist in the success of your products. Our sales and production teams are committed to total customer satisfaction in every aspect of our business process. Our goal is always to offer you the best rubber products with the best service!

We will be pleased to provide you samples upon request with MOQs. Please call us or reach out to us via email or website!