Silicone Double Bulb Seal Gaskets

Key Features

UV, Weathering, Water and Ozone Resistance
Flexibility and Durability
Wide Temperature Range
Excellent Sealing Capabilities
Good Elastic Properties
Wide Shore Hardness Selection

A Silicone Double Bulb Gaskets in rubber extrusion has two bulb-shaped sections, enhancing sealing performance.

Silicone Double Bulb Gaskets excel in rubber extrusion, featuring a distinctive dual-bulb design. They deliver superior performance across diverse applications, from automotive to industrial settings. The seals’ adaptability and efficiency make them a reliable choice for enhanced sealing capabilities. The presence of two bulb sections allows for higher compression rates, ideal for applications requiring a robust and enduring seal, ensuring long-lasting effectiveness in dynamic environments.

Double Bulb Gaskets provide a superior seal against external elements, excelling in preventing air, water, dust, and noise infiltration. The dual-bulb configuration grants them adaptability to various surfaces, suitable for diverse applications like automotive doors, industrial enclosures, or construction windows, offering a secure and effective sealing solution.

Exactseal understands the unique sealing needs of each industry. Our team is dedicated to providing tailored solutions that align with your business’s specific requirements. Whether you operate in the automotive, construction, or industrial sectors, our rubber extrusions are designed to enhance the efficiency and reliability of your applications.


ApplicationAutomotive, Industrial and Construction
ProductSilicone Double Bulb Gaskets
HardnessMay vary (Contact for specific details)
ColorTypically Black


Automotive Industry: They can be used in various parts of vehicles, including doors, windows, and trunks for sealing purposes.
Construction Industry: These gaskets are used in windows, doors, and other fixtures to provide a tight seal and prevent leakage.
Industrial Machinery: They are used in various machines to prevent leakage of fluids and maintain pressure.
Electronics: They can be used in electronic devices for insulation and protection against dust and moisture.
Medical Devices: Due to their non-reactive nature, they are often used in medical devices.
Food Processing Equipment: Food grade silicone gaskets are used in food processing equipment due to their resistance to extreme temperatures and non-reactive properties.
HVAC Systems: They are used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to ensure airtight seals.

Technical Information

Material CompositionSilicone
Hardness (Shore A)Contact us for specific hardness details
Temperature RangeVaries by material, typically -65°C to +450°C
Compression Set ResistanceSuperior
Chemical ResistanceHigh Chemical Resistance
UV ResistanceExcellent to Exceptional
Tensile StrengthGood to High
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