Silicone Sponge Rubber Products

Key Features

Wide Operating Temperature Range
Excellent Weather Sealing
Low Compressive Forces
Outstanding Compression Set Resistance
Durability in Extreme Conditions
Versatility in Applications
Customizable Fabrication Processes

Welcome to Exactseal, your trusted manufacturer of custom rubber molded parts. We specialize in the production of silicone sponge rubber products, a unique material that offers a wide range of benefits for various applications.

Silicone sponge rubber is made from gum-based polydimethylsiloxane (PMDS), a silicone elastomer that is expanded at the time it is heat cured to create a closed cell sponge structure. This process is similar to adding yeast to bread to make it rise, resulting in a material that is soft, flexible, and filled with compressible air pockets.

Our sponge products offer the performance benefits of solid silicone but in a softer and more compliant form. They are known for their wide operating temperature range, excellent weather sealing with relatively low compressive forces, and outstanding compression set resistance. This means they can maintain their original thickness even after being compressed, especially at higher temperatures.

At Exactseal, we use sponge rubber to create a variety of products, including gaskets and cushions. These products are ideal for severe weather sealing in outdoor environments, press relief pads, and various environmental cushioning and gasketing applications. They are also the preferred choice for industries such as medical, pharmaceutical, and food processing due to their durability and resistance to extreme conditions.

In addition to these, we also offer silicone sponge rubber products that can be fabricated into silicone sponge gaskets and cushioning pads. Our fabricating processes include die cutting, water jet cutting, flash cutting, adhesive lamination, strip slitting, and custom assembly. We also provide products with acrylic or silicone adhesive backing of choice.

At Exactseal, we are committed to providing high-quality silicone sponge rubber products that meet the specific needs of our customers. We invite you to explore our range of products and discover the Exactseal difference.


ApplicationSealing, Insulation, Vibration Damping
Product NameSilicone Sponge Rubber
Hardness (Shore A)15 - 30
Material3-A Sanitary Grade Silicone, Food & Medical Grade (FDA 21, CFR177.2600 compliant), FDA Grade Closed Cell Silicone Sponge, NSF/ANSI 51 Approved, USP CL-VI Approved, UL-94 Compliant Silicone, Fire Retardant Silicone, Weather Resistant Silicone, X-Ray detectable, Thermally Conductive Silicone (Galss loaded), Electrically Conductive Silicone (Carbon loaded), Mil-Spec AA 59588, Petrochemical Resistant Fluorosilicone
ColourAvailable in a variety of colours


Sealing in Extreme Environments
Thermal Insulation in Electronics
Vibration Damping in Machinery
Gasketing in Automotive Industry
Cushioning in Packaging Applications
Insulation in HVAC Systems

Technical Information

Hardness (Shore A)15 - 30
Tensile Strength100 - 200 PSI
Elongation100 - 200%
Compression Set<10%
Temperature Range-60°C to +200°C
Water Absorption<5%
UV ResistanceExcellent
Ozone ResistanceExcellent
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