PTFE or Teflon Diaphragms

PTFE Diaphragms and Parts For Pumps, Actuators, Control Valves

Exactseal is a leading manufacturer of PTFE Rubber Diaphragms in solid, fabric reinforced, metal mesh reinforced variants. PTFE Diaphragms are most suitable to be used with an extremely wide range of fluids and gases as it is one of the most chemically inert rubber compounds available.

PTFE is also known as Teflon, used with highly aggressive fluids such as aromatic or chlorinated hydrocarbons, acids, caustics, ketones, and acetates. PTFE has mechanical and chemical properties that provide excellent flex life and good abrasion resistance.

In addition, PTFE complies with FDA 21 CFR 177 and USP Class VI standards for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications. Because PTFE is not quite elastic, a backup diaphragm of a different material or Teflon bonded rubber diaphragm must be used to provide flexibility and resiliency/elastic memory for desired operations.