Fabric Reinforced Diaphragms

Fabric Reinforced Rubber Diaphragms

Exactseal is a leading manufacturer of rubber diaphragms for mission-critical applications, that demand rubber diaphragm that must be very flexible as well as tough in order to withstand repeated flexing over a long lifetime. If the diaphragm is expected to function in extreme environments, like high pressure/temperature, or has to come in contact with chemicals, fluids or gases, then it must be engineered with fabric reinforcement (layer of fabric between the rubber layers). We typically use the following fabrics to reinforce diagrams:

  • Dacron reinforced rubber diaphragms
  • Kevlar reinforced rubber diaphragms
  • Nomex reinforced rubber diaphragms
  • Nylon reinforced rubber diaphragms
  • Metal mesh reinforced rubber diaphragms
  • Glass fiber reinforced rubber diaphragms
  • Cotton canvas reinforced rubber diaphragms

At Exactseal, we have years of experience in custom manufacturing these fabric reinforced rubber diaphragms from Viton, PTFE/Teflon or PTFE lining/coating, EPDM, Neoprene, Butyl, Hypalon, and Silicone to just name a few. Please contact us with your requirements and our engineers can help you with design and material selection consultation while establishing ourselves as your preferred manufacturing partner for your rubber diaphragm needs.