Keyhole Seal Profile

Key Features

Premium construction quality
Ideal for compression sealing
Incorporates dove-tail fixing section
Extensive operating temperature range
Effective resistance to chemical deterioration
Available in a diverse range of colors
Tailored manufacturing service offered

Explore the unparalleled sealing capabilities of our Silicone Keyhole Seal Profile, meticulously crafted to deliver top-tier solutions for diverse applications and industries. These profiles represent a pinnacle in quality and versatility, offering a reliable sealing option that excels in various scenarios.

One distinctive feature setting our silicone keyhole seal profile apart is the dove-tail fixing section. This innovative design allows for a secure and hassle-free insertion into gaps, minimizing the need for adhesive. The result is a seamless integration that ensures effective sealing across a range of applications. Complementing this, the hollow section of our profiles excels in providing heightened levels of compression, enabling them to establish a robust seal even when subjected to considerable pressure.

Crafted from a premium silicone rubber compound, our keyhole profiles embody durability and resilience. Silicone’s inherent properties make it an ideal material, boasting a wide operating temperature range and exceptional resistance to high temperatures. This characteristic ensures optimal performance under varying thermal conditions, making our profiles suitable for a myriad of applications. Furthermore, the resistance against a diverse array of common chemicals, solutions, and UV deterioration ensures longevity and reliability in challenging environments. The physical properties of silicone contribute to the profiles’ durability, making them highly resistant to tearing while maintaining flexibility.

Choose from our standard selection of silicone keyhole seal profile, meticulously designed to meet a variety of sealing needs. Alternatively, opt for our bespoke manufacturing service, tailoring profiles to your exact specifications. While considering tooling costs and minimum order quantities, this option allows us to create customized solutions that seamlessly align with your unique requirements.

Whether you require our standard silicone keyhole seal profiles or prefer a customized solution, our commitment to quality, durability, and versatility remains unwavering. Trust us to provide sealing solutions that exceed expectations, ensuring reliability in every application.


ApplicationProviding compression sealing solutions for a range of high and low-temperature applications.
ProductKeyhole Seal
Hardness (Shore A)60° (standard)
MaterialSilicone, EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile (Buna-N), FKM (Viton), FFKM (Kalrez), TPE, TPV
ColourAvailable in a wide range of standard RAL numbers.


Lightweight refrigerated doors
Spray booth doors
Horse boxes
Industrial door wicket doors
High-temperature oven seals
Interior and exterior applications

Technical Information

CompressionExcellent compression properties for robust sealing
Operating Temperature RangeWide range; suitable for diverse thermal conditions
High-Temperature ResistanceExceptional resistance to high temperatures
Chemical ResistanceResistant to common chemicals and solutions
UV ResistanceEffective protection against UV deterioration
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