Lip Seal Profile

Key Features

Premium design
Efficiently cleans and eliminates potential contaminants
Excellent flexibility
Resistant to weathering, UV, and ozone
Durable against abrasion
Strong chemical resistance
Exceptionally durable

Discover the exceptional benefits of our diverse range of Silicone Lip Seal Profile, designed to enhance the operational efficiency of machinery while minimizing the need for extensive maintenance. Our lip seal profiles ensure consistent performance, providing a reliable solution that can significantly contribute to the longevity of your machinery.

Choose from our extensive stock of popular lip seal profiles, readily available to meet your immediate needs. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to produce bespoke profiles, catering to your unique specifications. This option, however, is subject to minimum order quantities, ensuring a tailored solution that aligns perfectly with your requirements.

The primary function of lip seals is multi-faceted, playing a pivotal role in machinery operation. These seals are adept at retaining lubricants, preventing the ingress of dirt and debris into the machinery, and maintaining optimal pressure levels. By utilizing our Silicone Lip Seal Profile, you not only enhance the internal integrity of your machinery but also reduce the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns. This proactive approach can lead to a substantial decrease in repair costs, allowing you to maximize the efficiency and lifespan of your valuable machinery assets.

Crafted from a solid silicone compound, our lip seal profiles are a testament to the unique features this material offers. Solid silicone combines high flexibility with robust durability, ensuring reliable performance in a wide range of environments. This flexibility allows our seals to be in constant use without the concern of warping or deterioration, offering a long-lasting solution that stands up to the demands of diverse operational conditions.

Investing in our Silicone Lip Seal Profile is not just a choice for machinery efficiency but a strategic decision to safeguard your assets and reduce overall maintenance costs. Experience the reliability and durability of our lip seals, designed to keep your machinery running smoothly for the long haul.


ApplicationSealing in machinery & industrial applications
ProductLip Seal Profiles
Hardness (Shore A)Inquire for specific profiles
MaterialSilicone, EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile (Buna-N), FKM (Viton), FFKM (Kalrez), TPE, TPV
ColorWide variety as standard


Machinery in industrial settings
Marine applications
Automotive seal applications
Window installations
Garage doors

Technical Information

DurabilityHighly flexible solid silicone compound, ensuring durability in various environments
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