Rubber Diaphragms & Seals

Rubber Diaphragms are molded rubber components, sometimes with a layer of fabric sandwiched in between for reinforcement purposes or to control the elastic deflection of diaphragms. They are used in flow control applications to regulate, actuate and control the flow of different substances like liquids, gases or, slurries.

In other words, a diaphragm is a flexible membrane with low permeability to fluids and gases. It permits relative motion between a stationary and a moving member and maintains a separation of the two media on either side. In many applications diaphragms also maintain a pressure differential between the two media. When installed in the flange of an instrument, the rubber diaphragm serves as its own gasket, resulting in a fluid tight seal. If accurate hydraulic or pneumatic (air) pressure change is needed then almost certainly a diaphragm seal is required.

Exactseal is a leading manufacturer of Molded Rubber Diaphragms that are critical to the operation of equipment and systems in the industrial, automotive, aerospace, oil, gas, medical instrumentation, pneumatic actuators, and pump and valve industries.