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At Exactseal, our commitment to excellence in rubber product manufacturing extends to the specialized realm of sponge rubber products. We take pride in producing high-quality solutions that meet the unique requirements of various industries. With a focus on precision engineering and versatility, our sponge rubber products stand as reliable components in diverse applications.

Sponge Rubber Portfolio: Our expertise in sponge rubber manufacturing encompasses the production of two key types:

Silicone Sponge Rubber Products: Crafted with precision, our silicone sponge rubber products offer a unique combination of flexibility and resilience. These products find applications in industries where airtight seals, cushioning, and insulation are crucial. The silicone composition ensures excellent temperature resistance and durability, making them suitable for a range of challenging environments.

EPDM Sponge Rubber Products: Engineered for versatility and durability, our EPDM sponge rubber products are tailored for applications requiring resistance to weathering, ozone, and UV exposure. EPDM sponge rubber excels in outdoor applications, providing reliable sealing and insulation. These products are known for their long-lasting performance and ability to withstand environmental challenges.

Versatility in Application: Exactseal’s sponge rubber products find application across a spectrum of industries. Whether it’s creating airtight seals in automotive applications, providing cushioning in electronic devices, or offering insulation in construction projects, our sponge rubber solutions excel in diverse environments. The versatility of silicone and EPDM sponge rubber makes them essential components in industries such as automotive, construction, electronics, and more.

Our commitment to quality assurance is central to our manufacturing processes, with rigorous testing ensuring that each product, including sponge rubber solutions, meets or exceeds industry standards. Additionally, our dedication to environmental responsibility is evident in our exploration of eco-friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing practices, aiming to minimize our ecological footprint.

Choose Exactseal for sponge rubber products that exemplify precision, reliability, and versatility. Our commitment to quality and customization positions us as a trusted partner for manufacturing excellence in the realm of rubber products.

Product Range

  • Rubber Diaphragms Valve Gasket

  • Automotive

  • Pharmaceutical-Medical

  • Rail & Mass Transit

  • Renewable Energy

  • Food & Dairy Industries

  • Appliances

  • Chemical Industries

  • Semiconductor

  • Telecommunication

  • Building & Construction

  • Agriculture

  • Aerospace

  • solid rubber cord

    Solid Rubber Cord

  • Rubber Tubing Extrusion

    Rubber Tubing Extrusion

  • p seal profile

    P Seal Profile

  • d seal profile

    D Seal Profile

  • u channel profile

    U Channel Profile

  • Silicone T Seal Profile

    T Seal Profile

  • e seal profile

    E Seal Profile

  • L seal profile

    L Seal Profile

  • H seal profile

    H Seal Profile

  • c channel profile

    C Channel Profile

  • bulb seal profile

    Bulb Seal Profile

  • window and door seal

    Window And Door Seals

  • omega seal profile

    Omega Seal Profile

  • double bulb seal profile

    Double Bulb Seal Profile

  • keyhole seal profile

    Keyhole Seal Profile

  • triangle seal profile

    Triangle Seal Profile

  • glazing seal profiles

    Glazing Seal Profiles

  • lip seal profiles

    Lip Seal Profile

  • ribbed shape profile

    Ribbed Shape Profile

  • Trapezoid Seal Profile Extruded

    Trapezoid Seal Profile

  • oven door seal

    Oven Door Seal Profile

  • rectangle seal profile

    Rectangle Seal Profile

  • rubber sleeves

    Rubber Sleeves

  • extruded rubber strips

    Extruded Rubber Strips

  • tadpole seal profile

    Tadpole Seal Profile

  • silicone dairy tubing

    Silicone Dairy Tubing

  • silicone milkhose

    Silicone Milkhose

  • Food and pharma braided hoses

    Food and Pharma Hose

  • Food Grade Silicone Tubing

    FDA Silicone Tubing

  • TPE TPV Tubing

    TPE/TPV Tubing

  • reinforced/braided silicone tubing

    Reinforced/Braided Silicone Tubing

  • Conductive Silicone Antistatic Tubing

    Conductive Silicone Tubing

  • silicone o rings

    Silicone O Ring

  • FKM Viton O Ring

    FKM Viton O Ring

  • EPDM O Rings

    EPDM O Ring

  • Nitrile (NBR) o-rings

    NBR O Ring

  • Neoprene O Ring

    Neoprene O Ring